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Trump in internal chaos as Russian investigation deepens 

Yesterday,  brought three indictments that were heavily anticipated:  A Trump confidant,  a terrible negotiator,  and a White House Staffer.  With those indictments,  which included 12 counts in total and various charges,  President Trump is said to be “livid” over such charges. 

According to The Washington Post,   Trump,  spent his Monday & Tuesday mornings privately fuming away from the rest of the west wing staff.   “He’s been quietly fuming over the charges, but celebrating that they had occurred before his campaign” (not quite though! ).

One of the charges,  specifically the one that is in regards to making a false statement to the FBI — is where Trump may find the most trouble. Trump and the WH have tried to downplay George as any top ranking member of the WH,   but the unsealed indictments paint a grim picture. 

Per the indictments,   they did indeed confirm that George attempted to broker a relationship between Vladimir Putin and Trump while the campaign took place and even after.   This is a fact that has always been diligently denied by Trump,  although,  the proof is now  public information.

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