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Amid some pretty serious sexual harassment allegations, Harvey Weinstein, is reportedly  taking a leave of absence from his major production company.  The New York Times published a bombshell report Thursday alleging that over the course of about 6 years,  Weinstein,  sexually harassed 8  women that he has settled with in some form to keep it out of court.

The Times found that one of those women is actually Ashley Judd.  Judd, claims that so many years ago (similar to the claims of Rose McGowan)   Weinstein used his “casting couch” as means to get young actresses to come to his hotel room, and then uh,  “invited them to give him a massage or simply watch him shower naked”.

Interestingly, dozens of former employees have apparently known of Weinstein’s extracurricular activities this entire time. Some, uh, have even “developed a buddy system” when it comes time to actually go to Weinstein’s hotel room.    Weinstein, however, has announced that he will take a leave of absence amid the report —  and he apparently will file suit against the Times for publishing the story to begin with.

Meanwhile,    Weinstein refused to talk about the allegations when phoned by The Daily News.

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