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The latest includes a blunt accusation that among other things, uh, Amazon has known for some time that Harvey Weinstein has been sexually assaulting and harassing women.  According to tweets posted by Rose McGowan,  Amazon, was informed beginning last year of most of the accusations against Weinstein (including McGowan’s).

But, this is where it gets pretty patriarchal  and pretty strange to say the least.  Jeff Bezo’s reportedly told McGowan that “her claims were unproven” and that “she pretty much needed to be quiet”.  She recalled on Twitter of how she went to Bezos (presumably during what would have been an Amazon project, no word on why she was on  an Amazon studios lot)  and was told that, some of which, has now caused an even bigger backlash than probably expected.

Meanwhile, Twitter has revealed why  they suspended McGowan to begin with.   According to reps for the site, McGowan, (allegedly), tweeted a private phone number which is and always has been against the social sites Terms of Service. Whose phone number it was, perhaps, remains unknown.

Amazon  hung up the phone when contacted by The Daily News in an attempt to get comment on  McGowan’s claims.

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