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Here’s how I’m making Ava Le’Ray Barrin ‘s final dream come true

Last month, when my dear friend and angel Ava Le’Ray Barrin first contacted me after I left the military, I, made a promise.   Her one and only dream was to be in front of thousands of people on a large stage, particularly acting, but I’ve got an idea to make it happen on an even better scale.

This year, I am slated to appear at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City held at the Lincoln Center Theater.  Except this year, I am making it much different than ever before.  I am inviting all trans-advocates; transgenders, trans-males, trans-women, and the like to walk black carpet with me in honor of Ava.

Specifically,  I am extending an invitation to Ava’s mother.  Who I would like to attend the event with in her honor.

During the event, I’d like those attending to wear  T-Shirts bearing Ava’s name. I’d like to use this major event as means to promote acceptance and love of those that are and identify as openly trans.

It was her dream to be in front of the crowd, and, I’m now aiming to use every level of influence in which I possess to make it happen.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks off in September, the same day, as the release of Vogue Magazine’s coveted September issue.  Details will be announced in this newspaper of the meeting place;  where to meet me, and so on.


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