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Obituary: Ava Le’Ray Barrin [2000-2017]

Ava Le’Ray Barrin, 17.

This is an obituary on the young life of Ava Le’Ray Barrin, who, died yesterday at the age of 17 after being shot and killed by Jalen Breon Brown.  Barrin, an adored and loved young soul  lost her life to a tragic act of violence that could have been avoided. 

Name: Ava Le’Ray Barrin  (also known as RayQuann Jernigan).

Birthdate: 23 January 2000

Death: 25 June 2017 12:45 P.M

Location of murder:  Riverview Apartment Complex, Athens Georgia.

Age: 17

Cause of death: Aggravated Assault/Murder

Described as a “young; full of life, beautiful soul” by her friends; Ava, will be remembered as a person who wanted nothing more than to have fun in life.  Ava, born Rayquann Jernigan, but actually would later find herself, she’d become what she always knew she was: herself.    Bravely, she made the decision to reveal to her closest loved ones; friends, and those around her that Rayquann was actually Ava Le’Ray Barrin.  A brave young woman who feared nothing; nobody, and especially not being herself.

I’m writing this obituary as a sort of final send off to a young lady who was and will remain my beautiful angel. A girl who gave me the strength and the courage to find myself; who I was meant to be, and what I loved to do in life. I remember a girl who loved to make people laugh; do the absolute stupidest shit one could imagine, and still, find a way to make it funnier than it actually was.

If I could find a word to describe who Ava was, I’d say unapologetic-ally real.   She was an amazing girl who didn’t deserve to die, especially, not the way she did.   Perhaps the most amazing thing about Ava, was, that she’d befriend just about anyone — as long as you were nice to her in return.

The outpouring on social media, will forever be, one of the many examples of how well liked and loved she was. By far, a beautiful; social butterfly gone too soon.

I wish you could look down one more time Ava.  I’m so sorry I didn’t answer your call, if I could, I’d give anything to see you one more time.  You were taken from the world, far too soon, you were destined for absolute greatness.  Your memory and the love I had/have for you will forever remain, as, one of the deepest parts of my heart. 

Justice will be served baby girl. Your death could have been avoided; swerved,  it shouldn’t of happened.

Rest in Peace Ava, I love you.

R.I.P – Ava Le’Ray Barrin – 23 January 2000 – 25 June 2017.



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