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The new season of Orange is the New Black Is Here

And uh, by complete accident thanks to a hacker by the name of The Dark Overlord.   According to  what we’ve learned (and have now seen)  more than 8 episodes of the popular Netflix series have been illegally uploaded online.

The episodes were part of a theft at Larson studios earlier this year after Netflix apparently refused to pay the ransom to The Dark Overlord (not to be confused with The Dark Overlord who writes for The Daily News in  the Asian version of this newspaper) .  The hacker, who we will not actually identify,  confirmed the release to both the AP and to numerous other outlets.

The torrent file of the massive folder of episodes has been delivered to The Daily News.  We have confirmed the authenticity of Episodes 1-10 leaked online by The Dark Overlord.   The episodes ARE authentic. 

The final three episodes of the popular episodes weren’t actually stolen, because, they weren’t finished at the time of the hack.  Netflix refused the demand for ransom payment, which, in turn saw dozens of shows stolen from numerous production companies and film agencies in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the FBI is apparently investigating — although we’re not really sure how progressive they’re  anymore since Trump took over.

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