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Here’s how Netflix’s Orange is the New Black got stolen

If you have already woke up and been logged onto the web anytime in the past five hours, you’ve probably learned that Season 5 of Orange is the New Black is available for the world to see  (we’ve confirmed the existence of the season online).   According to what we’ve learned, Netflix,   was being held for ransom as much as a month ago, after a hacker reportedly tried to extort money out of the movie giant.

Netflix employees who preferred to remain anonymous told The Daily News that they first received the ransom demand at least towards the beginning of March.   The demand stated that  they must provide the hacker responsible  the amount requested or face Orange is the New Black being released entirely for Season 5.

Netflix obviously refused as the apparent deadline was reached this morning.   Orange is the New Black was both dropped on numerous file-sharing websites and in the hands of The Daily News.    We have positively confirmed that the hacker responsible indeed stole authentic copies of Orange is the New Black, as, we have viewed the first episode.

The hacker, purportedly, has also stolen  dozens of other shows from networks like CBS;  A&E,  ABC, and more.  None of those networks have openly commented on the situation yet, although, we have learned that the FBI is now investigating the situation as a cyber-crime.

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