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Sultan Khan issues sweeping orders on new payment rules for services 

Sultan Khan is a man of his word and his unbelievable work ethic. Announced yesterday during closed door meetings, Khan, has issued sweeping new orders regarding payments for services provided by The Khan Group, Khan Enterprises, and The Daily News.

Effective 30 October 2016 all users; clients, and musical artists under signed contracts must issue their respective payments to Sultan Khan in a timely manner and efficiently before or on their respective due dates as stated in their contracts and on formal invoices.

THE SWEEPING NEW ORDERS… effective as of this writing. 

1. All musical artists under management contracts with Recordings and Management are under pay-by-the-month agreements as contractually stated and signed. Therefore, those payments are due on or before the 30th calendar date of each month where respected (with respect to certain months with fewer days).

We have made it very clear in the past that if arrangements are needed that we are opening the door for private discussions concerning this. If we are not aware of a client needing an arrangement, then we shall assume a client is late with their payment. More than four days late and no notice of needing an arrangement will result in a strike on said clients internal file. 

2. Private Investigations and Home Monitorimg Services

The Daily News has always been in the surveillance business. We have provided our intelligence service since 2009 to the public. However, this one is very important.  We will not begin working on any new cases from this point, until payment and deposit is received for the case. Failure to issue your deposit, will result in also a strike on your file. 

All clients: Accounting and Finance is keeping track of your files. Two strikes, and you’re due for an emergency meeting with Sultan Khan to determine the cause of your failure to hold up your end of the business agreement you have with us. 

3. Home Cleaning and Home Services

The Khan Group Services Atlanta, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. With so many cities, we have allot of clients to keep track of. Alike the last one, this is even more vital. We do not provide our own cleaning products to safeguard our employees from using the wrong products inside a home and causing a potentially allergic reaction. Please keep that in mind!

4. Events by The Khan Group 

Our event boutique and its management team are some of the brightest in the business. But, we’re reigning in our large customer base.  Effective as of this writing, all events require a minimum $200 deposit whether hosting; creating, putting together, or being a part of. Deposits must be made directly to Sultan Khan either by Money Gram or the popular Cash App available on IOS/Android.

5.  Final notices

Clients who receive two final notices for failure to pay their bills will have their internal files restricted until we’ve determined a proper solution. Remember people, closed mouths don’t get fed and if we don’t know something is up — we can’t help you!

All service requests can be pointed towards Sultan Khan who can be reached in his office 424-382-4644.

All customer service related questions can be emailed to [email protected] or by leaving a voicemail in our New York headquarters 347-509-9075.

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