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Scott Brown: Elizabeth Warren should take a DNA test

WARRENIf you remember once upon a time, Elizabeth Warren,  famously claimed to be native American. And now, former Mass. governor Scott Brown is bringing that back into the election this season — tentatively claiming that Elizabeth Warren should take a DNA test to prove her “Native Americanness”.

Turns out,  Brown had a point (of sorts).  During the 2012 Senate Race (which Brown still notably lost), Elizabeth, had claimed to have Native American roots. The problem? It later allegedly came out that (Warren specifically claimed to be Cherokee)  was only 1/32 Cherokee .. a big difference from her original claim.

As you know, she’s not Native American. She’s not 1/32 Cherokee. She has no Native American background, except for what her family told her,” Brown said, per CNN. “The easy answer, as you all know, is that Harvard and Penn can release those records, she can authorize the release of those records, she can take a DNA test, she can release the records herself. There’s never been any effort.”

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