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What happens when you don’t turn your phone on flight mode?

If you’re a frequent flyer,  you’ve probably heard of or had your own belief at one point or another — that your phone and its signals could potentially cause mid flight problems for an airplane.

However, that isn’t actually the case. For example, the UK Aviation Authority confirmed recently that some flights have begun to allow voice calls and texts mid flight. But, in America,  such hasn’t happened yet.  Some twenty or so years ago,  it was largely believed that signals emitted from cell phones could potentially cause problems for the cockpit and those in it.

But, aviation experts say in modern day that isn’t the case and is largely impossible.  So, why do many American airline operators still have the ban in effect? Mostly, because politicians and the government have largely fought to keep the ban in place since 1991  to protect the comfort of passengers.

Previous attempts by American aviation authorities to remove the ban were thwarted by politicians, who, believe that phones should indefinitely remain off of a plane until a route is completed.


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