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It’s the year end, and, Barack Obama took to American airwaves last night via a press conference to talk about his own year and what he plans to do for the remainder of his time in office.  Meanwhile, I took the liberty, of summing up my own critical critique of Obama’s time in office as President of the United States.

First: Obamacare

As a dual national, I’ve been receiving healthcare alerts for largely the past month or so (give or take).  Eventually, I decided to attempt to sign up on the healthcare marketplace, however, to no avail — because I am “not fat” a “smoker” or not in dire of need of medical attention or a “life tragedy” I do not qualify for health insurance under Obama’s terms.

This program apparently “has signed up millions” and is the best thing to happen to America since Bush left office. But, is that, perhaps, so? I think not.  Obamacare is proving to be as “useful” as a $1 box of tissues from Family Dollar.  I think its pretty rinky-dink that a healthy, working, 20 year old doesn’t “qualify” for health insurance under a program that is “meant to provide health insurance to all”. Right?

Second: Foreign Policy and The Middle East

As someone who follows most news topics and various parts of the world, I, think Obama has largely failed when it comes to the Middle East and ISIS.  At times, perhaps, it feels Obama’s “policies” and foreign approach to ISIS are largely meant to benefit only his public image — rather than “the safety of the world and Americans”.

At most times it feels like the Obama Administration likes to “meddle” rather than actually implement policies or procedures that do any good for others or different countries. First, it was the NSA; Edward Snowden,  The Dispute With China,  I could go on.  There are various parts of “Obama’s legacy” that are essentially and largely: A Failure [the biggest being Obamacare].

I still largely have an assumption that the Obama Administration  has played a part in the funding of rebels and various groups throughout the Middle East.  Research; other articles, and discussions on the topic have led to that belief.   Truthfully, if  100% accurate, Obama should be arrested for aiding groups in the Middle East rather than be hailed as “their leader” in the war in Syria and abroad.

Third:  Obamacare ‘s “Healthcare Penalty”.

I think its pretty “Chinese-Like” for Obama to have implemented a healthcare penalty for those that uninsured. What about those that  don’t have access to the internet? What about those that know nothing about Obamacare because they don’t watch the news? There are so many “What if’s and  what abouts” when it comes to Obamacare — that it essentially is a waste of time.

Its pretty unfair to face a penalty for “no insurance” when most of the time people can’t even get into the exchange let alone the phone assistance program to actually sign up. And from that point, er, you have to “qualify” according to Obama rather than actual requirements based on your healthcare needs and  income placements.

What are some of your favorite “Obama Fails”. Share them in the comment section below.

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