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Review: We tried Atto Time Tracking the scheduling software — here’s how that went and our warning to new subscribers

Bazaar Review & Dispatch our revamped service review and related column is back again. This time we tried out Atto Time Tracking as we are growing out other businesses and needed a scheduling software.

The Tea

Recommended: Absolutely Not.

Warning: Subscribers should beware entering their card on this app. You may find yourself having to go through the often lengthy bank dispute process as a result for services not as described / etc.

The verdict: Lackluster customer support; incredibly difficult to cancel, doesn’t fully honor free trials, and despite one refund they may continue to charge your card even if you cancel or stop the account. Subscribers should beware entering credit card info on Atto.

The Review:

We found Atto about a month or so ago now as we began expanding our other offerings and needed a scheduling service for ourselves. At first glance, Atto seemed like the perfect app however what we got amounts to a subscribers nightmare that we still can’t shake.

Atto worked for maybe two periods and then stopped working entirely. The free trial never completed, so we paid for it, only for Atto to still claim our account didn’t have an active subscription. This resulted in bank disputes that found Atto wrongfully charged us.

One would gather that this would along with numerous requests to cancel the account… cancel the account.

It did not.

Today we were charged a second time for the same account we’ve not only cancelled but the bank forcibly refunded because we never got to use Atto as intended. This is the second time we’ve been charged for the same thing for a service we never even got to use fully after paying for it and have since deleted it entirely.

Final comments: There are definitely better alternatives out there who may have better setups. Atto is incredibly difficult to communicate with because it does not appear that they acknowledge cancellation requests.

Grade: D-

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