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Jury awards E. Jean Carrroll $83m more in damages as second libel trial against Donald Trump formally concludes

Donald Trump is probably wishing more than anything that at the end of the day he should’ve just kept his mouth shut after the first time. According to reports, the jury in the case of E. Jean Carroll v Donald J. Trump has come to an end and with it another massive judgement against Trump.

The Lowdown

According to reports, the jury ultimately decided in the second case that because he was already found libel it was a pretty clear case to simply decide how much he would have to pay this time. While not quite as high as prosecutors had hoped for, the massive judgement against Trump joins a chorus of mounting legal bills against the indicted former President and election denier. Critics have pounced on the latest judgement signalin that such represents a growing list of reasons as to why Trump should not be President again.

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