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Prince Andrew certainly will never be welcomed back by the public after the latest revelations about his dirty past. This week, a new document dump alleged and revealed that Prince Andrew not only ‘engaged’ in an underage orgy but also was the subject of a series of lurid search terms that have sparked backlash.

Following the release of the 3rd and 4th batch of Epstein documents, Prince Andrew is once again back in the spotlight against claims that his abuse of young girls extends far beyond his previous settlement for a similar claim. As previously reported by The Express, King Charles is looking to slash his security funding as a result and essentially ‘rid’ of the Andrew problem.

But a hard dose of reality for the Royal Family is that Andrew isn’t going any way time soon neither are the many allegations and shocking tidbits that continue to come out about him every few months.

The firm seems to be coming to terms with the idea that the public isn’t going to forget what Andrew is alleged of having done and what the public already knows he’s done.

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