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Inside Gaza: More much needed aid has finally arrived into area, cell phone and internet service has gradually returned, Hamas’ tunnels allegedly contain thousands of traps, plus civil order has begun to crumble

Welcome to this edition of Inside Gaza a special newsletter covering the war in Gaza involving Israel and Hamas the ruling militant group controlling Palestine.

1. Even more aid has finally arrived into Gaza as the struggle to secure supplies sparks widespread looting.

Following further diplomatic efforts, aid has been allowed into Gaza from Egypt. It has now allowed several new shipments into the area, although, due to slow rollout and safety fears people have instead started to loot the depots containing these aid packages.

It comes amid concerns that Hamas is using fuel replacements brought into the area to power their massive tunnels. It is not fully known yet what exactly is inside of these tunnels used by Hamas.

2. Following pressure from the Americans, cell phone service and WiFi has been turned back on in the area.

Following intense pressure from the Americans, cell phone service and internet capabilities have returned to the area. Over the weekend, discussions took place to have the services brought back online due to their critical nature. US officials refused to budge on the demand that service be restored so Gazans had the ability to communicate with the outside world.

3. Hamas tunnels span hundreds of miles and reportedly contain thousands of traps inside of them.

Hamas massive 300 mile long collection of tunnels may be more than just a tunnel maze. According to reports, Hamas claimed over the weekend that it was ready for Israel’s ground operation and that its tunnels were essentially booby-trapped beyond comprehension. The militant group claimed that the tunnel contains upwards of thousands of weapons and traps.

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