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Report: Trump’s lies about his net worth go further than originally thought

Donald Trump’s reported financial deception in New York State goes a tad further than previously reported. According to reports, Trump’s net worth inflation falsely said his net worth was 3.6B rather than the previously reported $2.2B

New court filings in the case against Donald Trump in New York are continuing to reveal damning details about the lengths Trump goes to lie. According to the new filing, Attorney General Letitia James’ office has now told the court that they have reason to believe the lies go much deeper.

NY maintains that Trump inflated his net worth by up to $3.6B each year over the course of several years.

Trump remains under investigation in the state and officials continue to make conservative estimates about the over valuation. Some say, however, that most May never know truly how much Trump inflated his net worth due to the vast web of deception at play.

Trump and both of his adult sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr are being sued by the state as well as the Trump Org. NY is seeking stiff penalties plus $250m in the case.

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