Here’s the current status of Joe Biden’s long-sought student loan forgiveness program amid pushback and greed from Congress

Joe Biden’s much-talked-about loan forgiveness program is finally about to have its day in court. But before that date comes at the Supreme Court, the program is dealing with other major blows from both the House and the Senate — both of which are threatening to wreak economic devastation on millions.

Just days after the Republican-led House unsurprisingly voted on measures to end the program, the Senate mostly along party lines has now followed suit. The move sets up a showdown with the White House which has already previously made it clear that the measure would be vetoed. Of course, that comes just weeks ahead of the expected June ruling from the Supreme Court on whether or not the program can actually proceed.

According to the formal vote, two Democrats Jared Golden of Maine and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez of Washington — joined Republicans in supporting the measure.

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