New Yorkers should probably be aware that AI is watching when passing through subway stations

This week the Metropolitan Transit Authority announced that certain subway stations as you might’ve guessed by the title of this article now deploy the use of AI. The use of AI appears to be to monitor how many fare-evaders pass through and how they’re doing it. But there’s a small catch if the city’s past use of emerging technology is anything to go by — the cops won’t be far behind on this one.The program is expected to roll out to more subway stations by the end of the year and into the next.

The ever-so-struggling MTA (who just passed a motion to raise fare prices for subway riders) is back in the headlines this week amid reports that the agency has deployed the use of artificial intelligence. If you’re wondering whether or not people are wondering how fast before this goes south — you’re not alone.

According to the MTA, who refused to identify which stations presently have it, the software is being deployed only to ‘monitor’ how many fare-evaders there are and how they are doing it. However, critics were quick to point out that it appears that the MTA may soon or sometime in the future forward proof of fare-evaders by way of the AI system to the NYPD.

We probably don’t have to mention here that AI is already unreliable in several instances. Using it to monitor humans in real time is almost guaranteeing trouble.

It is the latest in a series of steps the MTA intends to ‘take’ to win back the cash that it lost by remaining an absolutely terrible service that refuses to improve itself but will continue to charge people more for a ride.

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