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No Surprise: The NYC subway has been hit with more violence as innocent bystander is stabbed in neck trying to break up a fight

Despite Kathy Hochul’s failures, Adam’s denials, and the NYPD’s less than stellar performance to keep things going and safe — the subway remains anything but. According to reports out Wednesday, an innocent man was stabbed in the neck during rush hour trying to break up a fight on the subway. It is the latest example of serious crime on the subway that has made said subway extremely dangerous to ride.

Meanwhile, people like Eric Adams are attempting to make cheap plays to give New Yorkers a false sense of security. As other reports noted, another man was violently attacked inside the subway station over the weekend except in the Bronx. The Post reports that he was at least the 13th or more victim to experience such an attack this year alone.

NBC reports that the altercation happened around 6am this morning on the downtown four train and the two women fled before police arrived. The victim who has not been identified was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

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