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As the planet bakes and temp records are shattered in America, the GOP is ready to push a disastrous anti-climate set of bill(s) but despite their $$$ grab they stand no chance of becoming law

Last updated on 2023-07-21

As most Americans are aware (because let’s face it it is 3:47 am in NYC right now and it is half baked at this time) it is unbelievably hot in many parts of the country. But a new GOP plan doesn’t seem to care about that and instead is poised to supercharge the very players and industries that have helped make it this incredibly hot.

According to Huff Post, GOP House members are attempting to move forth a bill that would otherwise essentially grant a free-for-all to the very climate offenders that have helped dramatically warm our planet in the name of money. This comes after places like Arizona literally recorded new heat records for 19 straight days and have since broken all recorded heat records ever.

Make no mistake folks the world is baking despite what the GOP says in their messaging campaigns. The same moves also dramatically seeek to cut protections for many wild animals; open public land to you guessed it oil and gas drilling, and require that lease sales become much more frequent than before.

In case it couldn’t get worse, it also seeks to make it next to impossible for agency’s to regulate pollutants and seeks to remove clean water drinking protections (totally not joking on that last one.)

Just to be clear this has no chance of becoming law. But in the run up to the 24′ election, Americans need to know what they’re up against before people end up dying en-masse hence why are we publishing news of the legislation.

But here’s the plan. In the first part of the plan, you guessed it agency cuts would be coming but only to agency ‘s in which the GOP does not like; does not line their pockets, and does not suit the special interests in which they work for. Those agencies of course are the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department and the White House’s Council of Environmental Quality.

In recent weeks, much of the world has seen the dramatic consequences of climate change. In America alone heatwaves; wildfire smokes, flooding and heavy rain, haave all been on full display. A prime example of just how dangerously hot it has gotten in America would be the now infamous Las Vegas flight in which people passed out on the plane on the tarmac because it was so hot leading to the plane deboarding.

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