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Jarring new report on climate change is out

And it is essentially, terrifying.  In a new report out by the United Nations, ehum, the intergovernmental agency warns that if the planet doesn’t cool down — catastrophic damage is dead ahead for the human race.  The report says that the planet needs to be at least half-a-degree cooler Celsius wise.

See the report and the information about climate change in THE GUARDIAN.

But instead, uh, governments around the world have all decided to work towards 1.8 degree Fahrenheit cooler — or 1 Degree Celsius cooler —.  The world is already about 1 degree celsius warmer, ehum, than it was during pre-industrial times (a scary fact, considering much of our planet is currently melting).

The report then continues on to say that there are only about 12 years left for governments and officials to come to a much more sensible cooling approach — otherwise — devastating issues could arise for food and water supplies.

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