Reaffirming our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the United States – Note

Hi everyone,

This is just a friendly note to our community. Many of you know us to be among the kindest people most have encountered and we have generally always tried to maintain that. Following a series of events in the United States, we decided to publish this note as a friendly reminder to our American community.

We remain fully committed to diversity and inclusion across all of our platforms in all possible manners. Diversity and inclusion do play a role in our hiring process, however, we do play by a level playing field for everyone. We have spent many years developing an online community where all are meant to feel welcome and open discussion is always allowed on our platform.

As always we hope each and every person reading this is alright out there. The world is getting to be a very scary place because bad people are being voted into power. Real ordinary people are paying the ultimate price for the government(s) that are serving private purposes rather than public ones.

Hug your neighbour. Seriously.

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