Announcing the arrival of our customer service bot Ryder

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our chatbot Ryder. With the help, customers can now access Ryder by clicking the Pacman resembling button on the lower right side of the screen in which you are reading this article.

As shown below:

Ryder as it is programmed is programmed to perform customer service related functions. This means that Ryder will collect personal data along the way.

Here are some things that Ryder will collect to relay back to customer service:

  1. Name
    • E-mail address
    • In some cases, Ryder may ask for your mobile number. This is not required and customers can simply enter their e-mail address instead. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, please view such to be informed about how we process user data and protect user data. We do not sell user data in accordance with the promise we made to users more than a decade ago.
  2. Ryder is connected to customer service via internal channels. E-mails sent through Ryder come directly to a customer service representative. Users can generally expect a response within business hours. After-hours correspondences will be answered during the following day by a human representative.

We’d like to make it clear that no human lost their job with the arrival of Ryder on our platform. We implemented Ryder in a way that no matter what still requires human interaction.

*Ryder is not programmed to hold conversations with users and users attempting to do so will encounter errors. Users who abuse Ryder to perform this function or send unusual messages through Ryder run the risk of violating our Terms of Service.

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