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T.V Review: Kardashian sisters at odds plus Kourtney and Kim ‘s big fight over copycat claims

T.V’s famous family is feuding once more at least for the TV screens that is. In the June 29 episode of The Kardashians, Kourt, and Kim head to battle over claims that Kim is ‘copying’ Kourt’s ideas and styles without her permission (and some in offensive manners.)

During the episode, Kourtney kicks things off by making it clear that she’s pissed at Kim over claims that she’s been stealing Kourtney’s ideas and styles and then using them for herself often without any acknowledgment. Particularly for Kourtney while discussing the issue with Khloe the problem sat with the theme of Kourtney ‘s wedding in Italy. A wedding that she says later showed up as a fashion show theme in a show in Kim walked for during Dolce & Gabanna ‘s event four months after Kourt’s wedding.

Kourtney vented, “I feel like I go to big extents to have my own thing, but there’s no sense of loyalty.”

“It’s almost like a greediness,” she continued of the SKIMS mogul. “If I look at the photos from the fashion show, half of the time I’m like, ‘Is this my wedding?'”

“I think for my survival, I need my own identity and I need my own life,” she added. “I really love having my own separation.”

New episodes of The Kardashians air Thursdays on Hulu in the United States.

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