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Texas’s fallen Attorney General Ken Paxton is in a whole world of trouble thanks to his own counterparts rather than the GOP’s typical Democratic boogeyman. As many are aware, Paxton is under investigation and eventual trial under allegations that he abused his office and power(s) on numerous occasions. In the most dramatic fashion last month, GOPers turned on Paxton in the state leading to his sudden and immediate ouster from the top office.

Early on, GOPers in the legislature made it clear that they had a bone to pick with Paxton. In the beginning, officials announced that more than 20 articles of impeachment had been levied against Paxton — among those including charges for disregard of official duty, misapplication of public resources, constitutional bribery, obstruction of justice, false statements in official records, conspiracy and attempted conspiracy, dereliction of duty, unfitness for office and abuse of public trust.

As many reports indicated early on, much of the charges have to do with Paxton ‘s relationship with a man named Nate Paul an Austin based real estate investor and wealthy Republican donor buddy. Paxton is now set to go to trial later this summer, though, some GOPers are already calling foul that the situation is far more grave than what some are leading on. The true extent of Paxton ‘s abuse of power remains unknown.

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