Texas has impeached its own AG Ken Paxton following years of claims of corruption and outright abuse of power as GOP politics get a major shakeup in Lone Star State

Paxton the controversial; dishonest, allegedly cheating Attorney General of Texas has been impeached on charges of bribery and abuse of public trust. It is an astonishing feat in Texas considering many of these actions are typically common behavior in the state.

Republicans in the TX House voted this weekend to surprisingly boot Ken Paxton as Attorney General of Texas following years of scandal and claims of gross abuse(s) of power. According to the state, Paxton stands accused of bribery and abusing public trust. These both stem from years of allegations many of them credible that Paxton has used his office in more ways than one to benefit himself and those close to him.

Ken Paxton is now only the third official in Texas in history to be impeached in the state’s nearly 200 year history.

According to the Associated Press, Paxton ‘s removal grants the ability of TX ‘s governor to appoint someone else pending Paxton ‘s trial. He is headed for a trial in the Senate where they will determine exactly what happens.

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