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This week’s newsletter in Astronomy & Space is here. This week NASA announced that it has discovered that around 4 of the many moons around the planet appear to hold potentially habitable conditions. One of the moons is understood to have water present beneath its surface. In the same news, NASA also revealed that the moon in question appears to actually have an element making it possible for the water to stay warm.

Let’s dig in. Researchers seem to believe that water may be buried miles deep between the icy crusts and cores of these four moons. Those moons have been identified as Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon.

“In addition, they found what could be a potential heat source in the moons’ rocky mantles, which release hot liquid and would help an ocean maintain a warm environment – a scenario that is especially likely for Titania and Oberon, where the oceans may even be warm enough to potentially support habitability,” according to the space agency.

“There is evidence from telescopes that at least one of the moons, Ariel, has material that flowed onto its surface, perhaps from icy volcanoes, relatively recently.”

Take a look at the fascinating research by clicking this NASA link.

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