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Jen Shah to enter mental health treatment program upon completion of prison stint for her massive telemarketing scam

The fallen TV star is going to rehab after her prison sentence. What’s next for Jen Shah? It’ll be years before anyone finds out.

Disgraced reality star Jen Shah of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is headed to a mental health treatment program. According to Page Six, Shah is slated to enter an undisclosed program for mental health treatment upon completion of her six and a half year prison sentence for fraud.

Shah was recently sentenced to federal prison for fraud for a wide-ranging telemarketing scheme that scammed unsuspecting elderly and vulnerable people out of their entire life savings.

Six also notes that Shah will undergo five years of supervised release and must continue to take her medication until a doctor says otherwise.

She’ll also have to make installment payments toward her restitution in the amount of 15 percent of her gross income. She is scheduled to begin her prison sentence in Texas on 17 February.

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