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Election Fraudster Ginni Thomas who aided the effort to overthrow the American election is sticking by the very claim that isn’t true

Editors Note: Ginni Thomas has not yet been convicted of or accused of any major crime despite their being evidence of such. As such it should be reminded that she is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law according to standards as set out by the United States of America. This does not escape the fact that there is mounting evidence including text messages and e-mails that show she at most displayed numerous attempts to help Donald Trump overturn the election in his favour.

Would-be election fraudster Virginia ‘Ginni’ Thomas is sticking by the outlandish lie that the election was somehow stolen from Donald Trump. In her first voluntary interview with the House select committee, Thomas maintained that she did nothing wrong but stood by the claim that the election was somehow stolen (it wasn’t and this has been proven many times over.)

In excerpts of the interview which was under oath, Thomas had the following to say about the election and her so called work in which denies was ever part to overturn the election despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Thomas also maintains that she did not speak to her husband Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas about her ‘work’ in any way although this claim has been challenged.

“Regarding the 2020 election, I did not speak with him at all about the details of my volunteer campaign activities,” Thomas said under oath in her opening statement obtained by CNN. “And I did not speak with him at all about the details of my post-election activities, which were minimal, in any event. I am certain I never spoke with him about any of the legal challenges to the 2020 election, as I was not involved with those challenges in any way.”

Ginni also claims that Thomas is uninterested in politics despite being blatantly political on the bench of the high court contrary to the very claims she made to the committee.

“Additionally, [Justice Thomas] is uninterested in politics. And I generally do not discuss with him my day-to-day work in politics, the topics I am working on, who I am calling, emailing, texting, or meeting,” she added.

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