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Election season in Brazil is looking more like a Trump rally in America rather than an election cycle in a foreign country. Brazil ‘s right-wing Trumpian wanna-be Bolsonaro is barely clinging to power as the country heads into its Presidential elections next month –which Bolsonaro is actively trying to undermine if it means he has to commit crimes and conspiracy theories to do so.

Some have feared that the upcoming traditional military celebrations (which mark the country’s independence from Portugal) might be used as a pawn or a show by Bolsonaro in his quest to overthrow the government likely forever. Huff Post reports, however, that the military has made it clear that they will not be used as a prop or a weapon against Brazilian citizens or the country.

Bolsonaro has made it clear that he likely won’t concede according to multiple reports and people close to the Brazilian thug.

It’s worth noting how dangerous Bolsonaro is. Bolsonaro during the last election cycle openly called for Brazil ‘s massive police force (which is already ranked among the deadliest in the world) to unleash its full force on anyone they deemed to be ‘communists’ (which actually meant anyone against Bolsonaro ‘s right-wing government.)

At that point in the Bolsonaro crisis and his reign of terror on Brazil, the country was going through so many scandals it all but collapsed as Bolsonaro sought power. Homicides soared; people were dying, the economy was all but gone — but all that mattered to Bolsonaro was seizing power no matter the costs.

On 7 September it is believed that Bolsonaro will use his supporters in ‘Trumpian like protests” in his quest to somehow push the conspiracy theory that the election is being stolen from him. Bolsonaro ‘s attacks on former President and political foe during this election Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva have all but mirrored the same way Donald Trump lies about Democrats in America.

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