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Shaun King almost never makes headlines for a positive reason. Following yesterday ‘s reports that King used $40,000 of donor funds for a ‘safety dog’ over claims white supremacists often try to break into his home — King is now claiming just that on social media.

On Facebook King posted the following message claiming that he is constantly in need of 24/7 security.

I spend more time each day now thinking about how to keep my family safe than I do doing the actually work I’m called to do,’ he wrote. ‘⁣So know this, when you see reports about the money it costs to keep me and my family safe, it’s nowhere near enough. Not at all. Not even close.⁣’

‘White supremacists and people who’ve meant my family harm have now shown up to our last three homes. Multiple times,’ he said.

King also claimed that people show up to his house and such is ‘frightening the hell of out my family.’

‘Before you talk about how I should defend myself with guns, New York City won’t even allow me to have a gun. New Jersey doesn’t have stand your ground laws and hardly allows you to even own guns. News outlets have shown our home and exact location online, which then caused a slew of strangers to show up at our home.’

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