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Despite the mission itself being a good thing those behind the organisation apparently have always meant the opposite. As many remember, Patrisse  Cullors the former head of the Black Lives Matter Org fell under fire about a year or so ago when her lavish spending spree was exposed by the New York Post. At the time it was revealed that she had been buying up lavish homes on the org’s dime for quite some time a feat she had never disclosed to anyone.

But now a new report says that the financial missteps by Cullors are apparently allot more common than anyone may have realized. According to that report (click here), Cullors is also tied to a series of other fundraising orgs that all have presently financial red flags. Some of them nearly double as many flags as the others.

At least one of those orgs is understood to be called Reform LA jails which in more ways than one (you absolutely can’t make this up) has paid and repaid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Cullors through others or outright to herself. New York Magazine appears to have uncovered that over the course of about 3 years, Cullors used her leading lady Janaya Khan. In one instance dating back to 2019, a consulting company pretty much owned by Khan at the time received about $205,000 for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

In another instance, about $85,000 was given to the father of her child to start a clothing and entertainment company called Trap Heals as owned by baby daddy Damon Turner.

Cullors has not commented on the renewed interest in her financial missteps.

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