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Report: ByteDance got caught making fake accounts it went awry former employees claim in stunning accusations

Bytedance (think the parent of Tik Tok) apparently has some explaining to do. According to Buzzfeed News, Tik Tok ‘s parent company is making headlines because a series of former employees have publicly claimed that the company engages in some not-so-professional business practices. Four former employees spoke to the website revealing scenarios where the app’s staff would scrape content from apps like Facebook and Instagram and instead use the content for themselves.

Even if it as it appears that the user was never on Bytedance; Flipagram, or any of the apps actually owned by the controversial company. The accusations reportedly date back to 2017 just as the company acquired Flipagram which it then used the stolen content for its own personal benefit — often without as much of a warning to the actual user. Some of those stolen content was then used to train ByteDance ‘s controversial and very powerful algorithm.

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