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America is getting ready to begin regulating cryptocurrency, here’s what you need to know right now

Cryptocurrency regulations have long been expected in the United States though nobody quite knew when they’d come. According to new reports, those regulations are coming soon in the form of an executive order that will kick off the process to make them complete. Reports indicate that though they’ve been in the works long before the war, the catalyst to speeding things up was in fact to avoid Russia being allowed to use crypto to avoid sanctions against them.

Additionally, the order is expected to address the US elephant in the room. According to reports, the Americans are also poised to address nationwide and federal interest in the first-ever U.S backed digital currency. There aren’t many countries in the world that have done so, but, the idea is catching on in certain places around the globe. Most of these actions are expected as this week goes on.

We will be following these developments as they unfold as we alike many of you have crypto holdings in the Americas.

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