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Readers Ask: Why doesn’t Bazaar Daily have physical stores or locations like other news orgs?

This week’s question of the week is one that we’ve gotten or get quite often.

Despite popular demand we do not have physical locations or stores for the many products and services in which we offer. This is because we are a Black agency that is also home to many groups of people who are otherwise marginalized. The reason we do not have locations is because we do this to keep our people safe. The world we live in right now unfortunately isn’t safe for allot of people especially those who don’t fit society’s general standard.

Never fear though even as a digital-only agency we are more connected than ever before. We love connecting with our readers; playing video games with you guys, and being joyous members of the community.

As always we love each and every one of you and truly hope you are safe out there with your families. Please remember to be kind to others it really can brighten someone else’s day.

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