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Palace seeking to remove Harry and Andrew as “counselors of state”

An even bigger potential blow to Harry and Andrew is coming. According to reports, palace officials are gearing up with their lawyers to determine how to remove both as “counselors of state.” Despite both losing most of their royal titles and duties — both still have the role of counselor of state.

EDITORS NOTE: “Counselors of State” is/are terms used to describe someone in the ranks who in essence would take over for Queen Elizabeth if she for any reason would suddenly be unable to do her duties. This means that the COS would be able to attend privy council meetings; sign documents, and received ambassador credentials to newbies in the U.K.

The problem as many reports have indicated is that this may not be achievable for the palace until an Act of Parliament is passed first. As the rules go, the “counselors of state” would and are meant to be the monarch’s spouse and the next four in line to the throne. If the palace actually manages to remove the duo that would mean people like Princess Anne and Camilla would be able to replace them had they been chosen.

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