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A stunning tale of corporate greed rocks an American hospital chain against the backdrop of the pandemic

American greed is almost certainly nothing new. In fact, greed in America runs so deep you can find it at almost any corner of the United States at any given time. In a bombshell CNN exclusive, the network has uncovered a chain of lawsuits at the behest of a hospital chain that is or was during the pandemic desperate for cash. That desperation of course became the nightmare for thousands of patients it later sued across the U.S despite the fact there was a national health emergency that remains to this day.

That hospital chain has been identified as CHS hospitals. Based in the burbs of Nashville, the hospital chain has filed more than 15,000 lawsuits in the years leading up to this very statement being written in this article. During the pandemic, from Alaska to Key West Florida the hospital chain sued people for as little as $202 and upwards of $162,000.

Their legal nightmare for patients only continues as CNN managed to pull records showing that the company is; has, and likely will continue to sue people like it is going out of particular style. The hospital chain claimed in a reported statement to the network that they do not sue people who lost their job as a result of the pandemic.

That isn’t entirely true as CNN discovered. The network spoke to dozens of people who like most people attempted to speak to the collectors for these people only to be turned away because they couldn’t get an agreement set. CHS declined to comment when contacted regarding this very story.

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