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Astronomers are floating a hypothesis that we did not originate on earth: Report

Astronomy Magazine is out with a startling new headline that poses the potentially profound question: Did we originate on earth or are we ourselves the very celestial beings we are trying to find?

And if we are are we the target of our own exploration or are there others out there?

Known scientifically as panspermia, some researchers are floating the very idea that you or I may be the product of biological mattered shuttled to earth by an interstellar rock. It is not the first time that such a theory has actually emerged.

The theory dates back to at least the 90’s when a research paper first emerged claiming that we may be made up of biological matter from another world. The thought alone if proven to ever be accurate would inevitably have profound implications for life on earth.

Astronomy also reckons with the discovery that earthly things appear to be able to survive in space longer than originally thought.

The startling claim comes from a researcher known as Mr Loeb. Loeb claims to the magazine that biological matter appears to be able to be frozen in such space rocks (hence the ice) and therefore would be able to but hitch a ride to earth.

Against the backdrop of extraordinary achievements by NASA on Mars, the claims only add to the inevitable discussion mankind is poised to have.

Because in essence, there is an active helicopter of sorts on Mars along with a rover. Several more space explorations are poised to launch by decades end and will arrive at separate times.

If Loeb is correct — it would require further scientific exploration and a discussion about what we know about ourselves.

Because under Loeb’s proposed hypothesis that would mean there is without a doubt life somewhere else because we came from wherever that would have been.

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