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The United States Capitol Building is under siege by Trump Supporters demanding the election be overthrown

BREAKING NEWS: The United States Capitol is under attack but not by foreign terrorists. Instead the Capitol is under attack by Donald Trump’s supporters demanding the Capitol be shuttered and the election be handed back to the states, states, that have already voiced their thoughts.

2:45 pm – Senators and politicians have been evacuated from the halls of the building and are now in a safe location.

We will update this page as events unfold.

3:07 pm Trump ‘s terrorists are assaulting Capitol officers inside the Capitol building which remains on lockdown.

3:13 pm – Trump ‘s terrorists have breached the Senate floor.


3:15 pm – An illegal trespasser has been hanging off of a ledge trying to escape police.

3:55 pm – It appears sVirginia is sending 200 troops into the area to help with the unfolding terrorist situation.

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