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How far would you go to protect your child?   Halle Berry ‘s maternal revenge strikes an honest chord  in  Kidnap.  A thriller about an abducted son turns deadly in this troublesome drama. 

In August,  Halle Berry ‘s latest thriller (“Kidnap”)  came to fruition and despite troubling reviews from critics who wouldn’t know a good movie if it bit them in the ass — Berry ‘s stint as a mom hell bent on getting her child back is well worth the watch.    Carla (“Halle Berry”) is your average middle-class mom trying to make a living;  spend time with her son, and make things work.

Having gone through a split of her own, times, have gotten tough for Carla and Frankie.   As a waitress,  the only real time Carla could ever usually find to spend with her son is at the park nearby her restaurant.  Little  to her despair,  her latest venture to the park, would, become an unimaginable nightmare for any parent.

Berry ‘s performance as a concerned mom fighting to get her child back rings all to authentic to real life mothers.   Risking her own life;  her safety, and her sanity to save her son are all key elements that made this movie appealing to a modern watcher.

[Movie Note]:   This film is not intended for all audiences, however,  it should be a discussion starter about  safety checks with your child in a public park.    Berry’s use of  the aforementioned ‘Marco Polo’ game with her son — is all but something every parent should do in a public place.

Carla’s story hits far to close to home for those that have been kidnapped or have had their children kidnapped.   Almost instantly, the movie kicks off into dark territory after two white people (a man and a cracked out woman)  deceive Frankie into believing that Carla is actually waiting for him in the parking lot in an unknown car.  When in reality, she was still actually sitting nearby as before on the phone with her divorce attorney.

Within seconds,   Carla realizes that something isn’t right. No answer to Marco, no sight of Frankie.   Desperately seeking answers, she,  begins running around the playground frantically searching for her son. Only to discover Frankie in the parking lot being drug to an unknown vehicle by a white woman, a white woman, that would later turn into her worst nightmare.

Frantic, she,   attempts to get to the vehicle before they make off with her child and eventually engage in a high speed deadly pursuit across the area.  A pursuit, that, would lead to the woman  being left under a tunnel and the man eventually dying after a fatal crash involving a  recreation official for the city.

The premises of the film is the kidnapping.  A kidnapping, that alike others (in real life), happens all the more often than we actually realize.    Berry’s dramatic performance as a mom that will stop at nothing to save her child, is, at times overboard but at the same time well played.  A performance much better than described by asinine critics who pick-and-choose what people should watch in their everyday lives.

Overall rating: 4 Stars

Final comments: Berry could have been cast with better people and a slightly better storyline, although, the kidnapping premises  made it still worth the watch.



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