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What does a revisionist take on Old Hollywood Golden Age look like? The coulda shoulda woulda’s is given life in Netflix Hollywood created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan.

The seven episode limited series stars  David CorenswetDarren CrissLaura HarrierJoe MantelloDylan McDermottJake PickingJeremy PopeHolland TaylorSamara WeavingJim Parsons, and Patti LuPone.

The creators on this show have called into question beautifully through the advice of one Eleanor Roosevelt who said: “I used to believe that good government could change the world.”

The series speaks on larger tones such as what would happen if “Hollywood” or the superstructures that are in place, would give its dreamers a chance.

The chance for…
Writers to simply write without compromise.
Actors the opportunity to play characters beyond the physical manifestation of who they are.
Women, any woman, to be supported and respected just as would a man. Their perspectives, often more impactful than that of their counterpart.
Love to be without hiding. For should there be importance in what ones love interest is as a determining factor in the ability of ones work?

Actors are familiar with the magic if. What would happen if all those individuals were given that chance?

Mrs. Roosevelt continues “Well, I don’t know that I believe that anymore. However, what you do, the three of you, can change that world.”

At the end of the series that is the message one can and should walk away with.

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