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Creeper Dance Coach John Conner III sentenced for exposing underage boy to HIV

Last updated on 2020-03-01

Let’s get a little bit of a refresher going here since this actually happened a while ago. John Connor III is perhaps best known for his brief stint on Lifetime’s dance show Bring It. He will now serve nine months in Memphis’s jail system.

As we’ve reported on this story in the past, it has now surfaced that Conner has since been sentenced and must register as a sex offender for life’s. According to a court ruling this week, the once sought-after dance coach will spend roughly 9 months behind bars for exposing a child to HIV; statutory rape, and solicitation of a minor.

Back in the day, sometime roughly around November court docs show that Conner stood trial and was charged for the crimes mentioned although he hadn’t been convicted yet.

In 2015, Connor infamously invited the unidentified teenager to his dance team The Dancerettes. That team among others was featured on the show meant to actually bring awareness to dance teams from the South.

Instead, that team became a breeding ground for Conner’s sexual assaulting of one of his minor dancers. Docs show that Conner assaulted the young man on a number of occasions unprotected, not having actually told child he was HIV positive.

The teen later did actually test positive for HIV.

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