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What is Quadpay, and why you should be using it

Last week a reader e-mailed me asking me to give Quadpay a spin and explain what it was all about. Low-and-behold, I’ve now found myself with a probable new shopping addiction because of Quadpay.

For those that have never even heard the name before, Quadpay, is a millennial focused financing service that allows people. to pay in interest-free. instalment payments on items purchased from thousands of retailers. To test out the service, I bought that now infamous yellow sweatsuit from Fashion Nova you might’ve seen on my Instagram.

Signing for up Quadpay is pretty simple. It does not require a credit check and is actually pretty straight forward. One can expect to sign up with an active e-mail; phone number, address, and a working bank card. Your item or item(s) are spread out over 3-4 payments over the course of several weeks.

For example (and this is a real example), the Fashion Nova outfit that I bought is spread out over the month of November and each payment is about $13.24. As a pretty serious shopper, I sort of like the idea of Quadpay because there’s nothing worse than having to explain to the bank or the credit card company why or how you’re making a hunormous purchase out of the blue.

With Quadpay your payments are spread out over time and there are no real requirements to actually use the service (other than the obvious). One added bonus that I liked about this service — it gives people a real shot and doesn’t solely depend on your credit/FICO score. In fact it doesn’t pull or hit your credit at all. Think of it like a spend account from the 90’s (literally).

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