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Internet erupts after learning Safe Horizon; Streetworks Project, and more were all in bed with Linda Fairstein

This is a continuing story. For more information please see our Twitter.

NEW YORK — Big News developing in New York today as it has now been confirmed that lying prosecutor Linda Fairstein (who formerly served as Manhattan DA’s head during the false prosecution of the Central Park 5) has been booted from numerous boards.

As of this writing:

1. We have confirmed that she has been forced out of the board at Safe Horizon. This became an issue after people for some reason just learned that Safe Horizon owns Streetworks Project and numerous other SH branded domestic violence shelters and other related programs. These programs predominately service the same kinds of people she lied to build her career on.

2. She sits on the board at Vassar College

Although it appears she has resigned. Although again it is still listed on their website as of this writing.

3. Glamour Magazine awarded her the woman of the year award years after the wrongful prosecution. It should be indefinitely stripped from her possession.

The following is a list of awards she has won since she knowingly lied and abused her power to forcibly coerce five young boys into wrongful convictions.

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