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Bad news for Alonzo Knowles, the man now known as the ‘Celebrity Hacker’. Knowles, per federal documents obtained by Daily News  U.K reveal that Knowles reportedly hacked into more than 130 celebrity e-mail accounts. During the hacks,  documents state that Knowles allegedly stole more than 130 movie/tv scripts; songs from upcoming albums, sex tapes, and more.

Knowles,  was able to hack into the e-mail accounts by apparently sending fake viruses to the computers of celebrities.   How did he get caught?  Federal investigators say that Knowles coughed up his scheme and tried to sell more than a dozen movie and television scripts to an undercover agent for about $80,000.

His scheme was up when a radio host reportedly received an anonymous e-mail about movie scripts and an upcoming television shows next season (who presumably reported it to police).

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