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Zuckerburg attempting to dodge taxes with new “initiative”

Or so it seems that way. Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerburg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan announced the “Chan Zuckerburg Initiative” which by all means has good and plausible “desires”. Although there are some questions critics have for the couple, whom, have since responded to the allegations that their “limited liability” set-up is nothing more than a “massive tax dodge”.

First, most of the critics who pounced on the plan aren’t to keen on the fact that it wasn’t set up as a traditional charity (although in a Facebook post, Zuckerburg says such a move would’ve made it easier to dodge taxes had that been his plan all along).

Meanwhile, critics like ProPublica, er, weren’t so nice when discussing their thoughts on the project. “It’s a tax vehicle” plain and simple bears one headline.

Psst! Zuckerburg’s $45bn initiative is equal to the entire GDP of Serbia (that’s $38 per Facebook user).

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