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If there’s one restaurant you shouldn’t eat at, er, maybe one might enter Chipotle to finish that sentence.  Yesterday, it was uncovered that yet another E.Coli outbreak has hit the Mexican grill popular with college kids and youngsters across America.

According to  the Center for Disease Control, another outbreak occurred in mid November and wasn’t immediately disclosed to the general public.  The outbreak reportedly sickened at least five people between Kansas and North Dakota,  both of which, saw customers eat at the same Kansas location per officials.

Officials say the additional three sickened reportedly ate at locations in Oklahoma. Chipotle on the other hand, perhaps, is on the defense as of this writing — citing that they had warned of further problems from the previous outbreak.

Chipotle rep Chris Arnold in e-mails Monday wrote…

“We have indicated before that we expected that we may see additional cases stemming from this, and CDC is now reporting some additional cases,” Arnold wrote.

Chipotle claims that because the restaurant is “health friendly” and has a strict “fresh food” policy that it “may be at higher risk for food illnesses” such as E.Coli and whatever else may arise.

In case it couldn’t get any worse, Chipotle began its image rehabilitation last week by taking out newspaper ads in 61 American newspapers across the United States.

But the fact that they’re still linked to …. norovirus … isn’t helping the case at all.

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