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China manhandles reporters trying to cover Pu Zhiqiang ‘s trial

Mr. Pu, the Human Rights lawyer on trial in China.
Mr. Pu, the Human Rights lawyer on trial in China.

In typical Chinese fashion,  plain clothes Chinese cops took to the streets of China yesterday guarding the courthouse in which housed the trial of prominent human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang.

During the sheninangans,  Daily News Online ‘s   Xi Zounhau was on hand for the trial among the handful of diplomats and reporters attempting to gain access to the high profile trial. The problem?  As Daily News Online and several other news outlets discovered, among the crowds, were plain clothed  Chinese cops guarding the courthouse from any foreign reporters or members of the media entering the establishment.

At one point I, among others, were shoved to the ground and aggressively manhandled in desperate bids by the Chinese government to keep the media out of the court house.  Innocent journalists and reporters were shoved to the ground, one from Sky News, even hit in the face.

Diplomats of all sorts were largely turned away, not just journalists.  Condemnations from across the board were delivered eventually outside of the court house, with Human Rights groups, and Amnesty International calling for Pu’s release based on the “vague charges” currently standing against him.

Most reports that indicate Pu’s trial is actual a political persecution are “accurate” to say the least, considering, it appears that he’s actually being charged for standing up to the Chinese government.

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