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Apple ‘s new product release information is here

With just a little under three weeks to go until Apple’s coveted product launch, it, appears that the phone maker is preparing for what may be one of its most significant launches to date. According to reports,   Apple is slated to launch what is set to be its biggest screen-iphone ever.

Reports also confirm that all three new iphone’s ranging from 6.5 inch screen and below will all have similar outer features to phones like the X.    The phones will also feature no home button, but, also require users to use their faces to unlock their respective iPhones.

Apple is also believed to be preparing at least one version of the iPhone that will support dual SIM cards [specifically for international users who frequently travel].

The 6.5 inch and 5.8 inch version of the new phone will improve CPU speeds and other software improvements — whilst the outer changes remain actually limited. 

Also, the iPhone X is reportedly about to be placed on the chopping block due to low interest in the phone and overall sales according to multiple websites with excellent track-records on reporting on all things Apple. 

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