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80% of America is still buzzing over The Grammys, you can go on any social media platform to get the moments or thrills your eyes or ears might have missed. Our pens are glued to the pad over here at Bazaar Daily. The only thing we still discussing is that promo for Celebrity Big Brother! (blinks eyelashes really fast) OH! YOU SAW IT! Did Omarosa make a jaw dropping entrance back into reality t.v or what? Say what you want but the woman makes major moves. At a time where things are so racially charged, is no one going to commend her for being the only black person in the Trump’s administration? Just asking for a friend.

It should have been celebrated especially due to the fact that she was booted out from her gig as Director of Communications in the office of Public Liaison just after a year. People questioned OM’s job title and the actual role she played in the Trump administration. When asked during her CNN interview, what she did: 

 Mrs. Newman stated, she communicated the vision the President had..

(Rolls eyes) How Sway? Trump doesn’t even know what he’s communicating. (Sips cup) Now here’s where it gets tricky; stay with me. The people on the inside said they didn’t know what the apprentice’s position was! Furthermore those people in the oval office said her presence alone was confusing. Excuse my language, but Helllllllllll Naw! WE DON’T BELIEVE IT! Noella Fe says, more like intimidating and shocking!

The woman was working in the WHITE HOUSE with security clearance(until it was taken away). Least forget Elaina Plott from the Daily Beast reported last November that Omarosa was making $179,000, the highest pay allowed! (grabs imaginary pearls).So you mean to tell me that not only can a black man be president, but a black woman can get a job in the white house getting paid top dollar and nobody knows who she is or what she does?  GTFOH! Sign me up for the courses they took asap! Hell Monique might wanna sign up too being she wasn’t to excited about that $500,000 Netflixed offered her.

Every white house presidency has had a scandal. LIES. I tell you, LIES. NOT MY PRESIDENT OBAMA. I don’t think anything this juicy has happened inside the presidency during my adult life. Oh wait, The Clintons. How could I forget Bill but I wasn’t an adult. Omarosa’s story is better! Home girl has tapes!! I wonder if she’s going to spill the beans on Big Brother? Come thru sis!! Listen a woman has got to eat! Plus, are you thinking what Noella is thinking?, that maybe just maybe this was her plan the whole time. Reports have come out that she was known to record anything and everything, using voice apps and notes on her iphone.

The world, (black america especially) turned their backs on O-dog for riding orange face’s wave; sounds like some parts of white america didn’t like her either. Is that a win for unity? To be fair I poked my nose around to sniff out the shit that makes OM stink! Let me state this in my Cleo voice, “I don’t think any of Omarosa’s actions were spontaneous”.

This american opportunist isn’t new to the white house, homegirl has actually been staffed twice before plus add the commerce bid, she’s no newbie to the presidential office. Former co-workers said, “she was a monster”. (opens eyes wide) they couldn’t wait to get rid of her.  Remember earlier when I said, certain individuals claimed not to know what she did or who she was? Don’t you find it a little weird that those same people claim she resigned to pursue other opportunities? Mmmmmm (rocks back and forth) Sounds like the regular office bs that goes down every 6 seconds; someone was mad and wanted her out.

 “When the story broke that she was dragged out as an angry black woman, Omarosa took to defend her name and stated, “When I have my story to tell as the only African-American in the white house during Trumps reign people will listen, it is a story that people want to hear. I have seen things that made me uncomfortable. Things that have upset me, hurt myself and my community deeply”. 

As reported by fox news. OHHHHH OKAYYYYY sis. Like really? When did you begin to feel uncomfortable, after the photo shoot you and your 39 bridesmaids had at the big house or after you started spending some of that salary? Wait it had to be right before they kicked you out, oops! After you resigned? Noella Fe says, she seemed comfortable to me.

Come onnnn people, come on!! Are you that mad you don’t want to hear the tapes?  Noella Fe isn’t mad at her come up. Seriously, she did break barriers for black women. To throw salt on some of those wounds, The Apprentice star is the only truth we have. Why not play nice, Omarosa is the one with the power to tell what we speculate. As 45’s right hand, you don’t have to be a genius to know she got the low, on the low. Eyes & ears open, pens ready and story developing over here at Bazaar Daily. 

LET ME STATE THIS CLEARLY, WE ARE NOT FOR OR AGAINST TRUMP WE JUST DISH THE NEWS AND VIEWS. Can we really be mad though? Like is anybody mad at the workers at H&M? (you guys are too messy) Nobody from H&M is coming with receipts to take down a whole corporation! Dammit be fair! Let the woman live in peace! At least until she comes up off the tapes, lol. Omarosa if you need security or somebody to hold those tapes come see Bazaar Daily!

Noella Fe says, Until the tapes or Big Brother airs express yourself or engage on our page! Twitter@bazaardaily or our Facebook page @BazaarDaily

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